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1231 LX LOOSDRECHT, Pays-Bas
52.1986 5.08978

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About Serry

The history of a concept

Some companies can not be thought away from the Dutch water sports. Serry Jachtwerf is such a company. It exists and flourishes ever since 1944.The essence of Serry’s flourishing is the coming together of place and passion. That is the cause of continuity and growth. Already in 1944, still during the occupation, the Hilversumse brothers Serry start a sailing school at the Oud Loosdrechtsedijk. The place is sublime and still: almost virgin sheets of water in a picturesque moor area.

The liberation brings new chances. The Serry’s build sail- and power yachts in steal till the late 1960’s. Then the junction with the revolution of yacht building takes place. They import French polyester sailing yachts like Super Daimo, Mikado, Lotus and Karate: now almost forgotten back then modern products of the French yachting industry at the Garonne (Construction Nautique Sud Quest). Standstill is deterioration the brothers think. As from 1973 they bring new yachts on the market: Alohas from the French Cannes (La Bocca); the Balatons from Hungary, back then behind the Iron Curtain! Then it becomes time to sail themselves and to rest. In 1976 they sell their company to the Warnars family, also from Hilversum: soul mates with the same interest for everything that sails. The Warnars family honours her predecessors and leaves the name of the company as it is: Serry Jachtwerf!

The Warnars family knows the welfare is raising and does a brilliant move in 1980: Serry becomes importer of Bénéteau sail- and power yachts. Two years later they dispose of all other brands: Bénéteau is a partner of class and quality next to which no other brand fits. And it proves a wise decision. Serry grows out to be more than a dealer of a valued brand.

Of course Serry offers old winter stabling and mooring. But on her own eminent equipped shipyard, Serry maintains and repairs yachts also, their rigging and engines. Not exclusive for the Bénéteau boats. Just walk around between the keels and the rudders with the crane which pulls yachts in and out of the water, over the piers where the First and Oceanis are displayed in the sun, through the hangars with yachts on which the personal is working. In a word, Serry is an all-round shipyard which can say yes to almost every request of a customer. Besides don’t forget that Serry is a flourishing yacht broker and does appraisals. Serry controls every aspect of the shipyard company.

The success of a shipyard is always a bit mysterious. Why was the little yard of back then destined for this spectacular growth? The small scaled of Loosdrecht and the conviviality at Serry seems to be a contradiction with Serry’s huge market share. At Serry you seat, you get some coffee and the talk is about boats and sailing. Whoever comes in is welcome. That is the sphere.

It is true, Serry is central in Holland, which declares something of the big run and high sale figures. Bénéteau is a top product. And Serry’s service is optimum and can also be better. But there is also something else. Arnoud and Peter Warnars say: “We still do not know where work stops and the passion of sailing begins. Before we realize it we are sailing again.” In that elusive transition of business to hobby lays the key to Serry’s appeal for the customer.

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